What is henna?

Henna is a shrub also known as lawsonia that produces red dye from it leaves. The leaves are ground and mixed into a paste, which is applied to the skin in intricate patterns.

What are the ingredients in henna?

We mix our red-brown henna paste ourselves with henna leaves, lemon juice, dextrose (sugar) and essential oils such as lavender, cajeput, geranium and tea tree oil. We never use any chemicals, preservatives, black hair coloring, or nut derivatives.

How long does it last?

Henna tattoos typically last 7-10 days.  It last the longest on hands & feet, fading more quickly on arms, chest, & back. It is not permanent.

Does it hurt?

No, henna feels like lotion and it is cooling.

How long does it take to apply?

It takes 3-5 minutes to apply a small design. Leave paste on your skin for 2-4 hours.

How do I take care of my henna?

Please check out our after care section for instruction.

What Color is it?

A red-brown stain will vary in darkness with each person, area of body, and length of time paste was left on the skin. Here is a wonderful chart that shows the color of stain that is possible to achieve in each area.

Why do some designs look black?

Our designs appear black only because the fresh henna paste is still on the skin. We do not offer black henna. To make a black stain, a toxic chemical is added. Black henna can damage kidneys, liver, & blister the skin. Detailed information on black henna can be found here. The New York Times also featured an article on black henna.

Henna is used as a paste to create beautiful designs on the skin.

The paste is then removed, that in 24 to 48 hours, change to a rich deep brown color.