After Care


  1. For a good stain leave the paste on as long as possible, 4-8 hours even over night.

  2. Let the paste flake of naturally. This will occur over several hours.


  1. With a paper towel and vegetable oil (corn, olive, canola) gently rub off the henna paste or remove the paste with your fingernail.

  2. Do not use water to remove the paste it will ruin the stain.


  1. Avoid contact with water for the first 24 hours. Water prevents the fresh henna stain from darkening.

  2. To protect the design when bathing or swimming coat the area with a layer of vegetable oil or coco butter before getting wet.

  3. Frequent washing, soaps, shaving and the rubbing of clothing and shoes causes the design to fade more quickly

  4. Your new design will be a light orange color when the paste is first removed. Over the next 2 days the stain will become darker and richer in color.

  5. The duration of the stain and the depth of color depends on the area of body chosen and the length of time the paste remained on your skin. Henna will produce the best stains on hands and feet. Mehndi generally lasts 7 to 10 days.


  1. Please remember that only natural red-brown henna is safe for your skin. Black henna may have chemicals added that can blister and scar the skin as well as cause long term damage to your body.